Walter Thomas Brooks
One cannot help but love the clay paver and the clay tile roof. The idea of taking some mud from the ground, mixing it with straw and water to the right consistency, bending it over the knee to give it a shape with a taper, and then allowing it to take its hardness from the sun‚ is an earth architecture at its finest. In China, the use of clay was a vernacular and indigenous. Today, in California, because of foreign importation, it is not. It was the earthquake that caused the clay roof's demise, and for that reason, has seldom been taken advantage of in modern architecture.
The architect's gable roof structures took root in the hot growing valleys of California with the construction of the Barton Residence in Modesto, California‚ the first of a series of gable-roofed structures which would eventually make their way northwest into the San Francisco Bay Area architecture‚ culminating in the construction of the San Pablo Civic Center and the reconstruction of the Alvarado Adobe originally constructed in 1845.
- Walter Thomas Brooks The Evolution of an Architecture- Walter Thomas Brooks The Evolution of an Architecture
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California Valley Vernacular